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Why I STAND for the anthem

It was a historic weekend around the NFL and our country as we saw NFL owners and players protest the national anthem after remarks made by President Trump on Friday.  We not only discuss the protest but recap the good and the bad of the games around the league.  Will the NFL finally get rid of the catch rule?  How is it that the ground can’t cause a fumble, but players must hang on to the ball and have a continuation of the catch?  Makes no sense, right?  We also take a look at Carmello being traded to the Thunder and the Bulls buyout Dwayne Wades contract.

Let me talk about the NFL and the protest and my feelings about it.  First and foremost, the players, owners and anyone else that wants to sit or do whatever they feel is right in their eyes has the absolute right and freedom to do that.  For me, I feel that just because you have the right to do something doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.  I understand the cause.  I understand what they are trying to do but there is a right time and a right way when to do that.  My example would be to look at Jerry Jones and the Cowboys during the Monday night game.  They came out looked arms locked onto the field and took a knee before the national anthem.  They then stood up and stayed locked in arms for the national anthem.  Just to note, the fans at Arizona still booed the Cowboys, if not both teams on the field, for the protest.  I’m not trying to tell you or any fan of Jam Nation how they should feel, how they should act and if they are right or wrong.  I’m just a sports personality that believes that when it comes to the flag and what it stands for, I will always choose to stand for the anthem.  I feel that the flag not only represents the soldiers that fought, died and have suffered to this day from the experience of war but I feel it also represents the firefighters, the police officers, people who rush into burning buildings such as those heroes on 9/11 to rescue and help strangers to safety.

     I stay off facebook to keep away from this, but I can’t help it. I would like to know what players that took a knee have donated their money and time to better their communities? If you ask those players that took a knee what they are protesting (see Lynch from pre-season), 90% wouldn’t have a true “agenda” or stance, (except the fact that they disagree with Trumps remarks) let alone donated their money to better their communities. Should the President have said it differently? Some would say yes and some would say no, but the players are using their right to protest during the national anthem (which i disagree with) which I can tolerate and it is the freedom that our soldiers died for.  I understand the message the players are trying send.  I know that this message started with Colin Kaepernick.  He took his knee and let the media know that it was for the inequality and police brutality.  I’m not sure that someone who wears a Castro shirt and socks the depict cops as pigs is the right model for this movement, but this is what the protest were suppose to be about.  Now it feels that the meaning is getting lost.  The message is getting distorted or even de-railed with everything that is going on.  The President voicing his opinion is no different than the previous president coming out and saying that police violence is a big problem without even knowing the facts only to find out that the cop was being attacked. Are their crooked police? Yes, of course their is but maybe we should find out the truth behind what’s happening or what’s actually said before having a statement. How is it ok for the players to kneel but it’s not ok for others to feel the way the President does? How is it ok to sit for the anthem but it wasn’t ok for Tim Tebow to take a knee and pray on the field?  What’s even worse is if someone even remotely speaks against the players, or supports Cops (no Cops who step over the line) or thinks differently than the players they are then labeled racist. You also have a lot of people right now who turn to violence to silence others that speak on what they believe in. These people truly believe that they have the right to be violent to silence the other side. Is that the “American Way”? Absolutely not. I love my father to death. We see things very differently but we are able to talk in a calm manner with love in our heart about our disagreements and I will love him and support him until the end. That is what freedom of speech is all about. To talk about our differences without hatred or labels whatsoever.


NFL Draft Round 1 Recap

Cole Thompson form draftwire.usatoday.com joins the show to go over the trades and selections of the first round in the NFL Draft.  We discuss the Browns first pick and the trade the Bears made with the Niners.  John Lynch gets the rookie GM of the year award.  Kansas City gave too much for their selection.  Lonzo Ball gets turned down for what??

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